Sunday, December 30, 2007


Good job I finished weeding a large part of the vegie garden and mulched it early this morning because it turned into a scorcher. We went to Geelong yesterday to look at project homes - as I need to build a house on the other block soon- the prices of homes is rather horrific.I need to get my life sorted and know where I am at. I am afraid the last couple of months have not see me complete any substantial work and I really need to do so, plus I need to sell some larger work. I have to rephotograph everything that I have here, that is for sale. I left a lot of my work in Europe on my last trip, it seemed senseless lugging it back and forth.

And of all things to feel like sewing today- it was log cabins. I think log cabin is one of my favourite traditional blocks- especially so, as it was utilised by the Egyptians as far back as 3000BC because they wove their linen in very narrow strips which were sewn together to make a larger cloth.I don't know where this will go, as my youngest daughter asked me " Are you going to make a whole quilt out of those ? Because they are nothing like what you normally do." Maybe I can incorporate them into another piece...
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Frances said...

log cabin is one of my fav blocks too, well done with the garden, if I can beat the moor back a little I hope one day to have a veggie patch,