Sunday, November 13, 2005


I have been treading water as I did not have any batting until friday so could not make bigger quilts. So I have been patching together scraps of batting and making A3 (10 1/2 " x 15" ) 27 x 38 cm pieces. I have also been trying to see how long these actually take me after I have created the fabric- so I have been setting my self a time- 3 hours and I have to have all the stitching including the hand stitching( french knots- or something notty anyhow) done in that time.And I mean three hours of work- so that any cups of tea or walks in the garden are not counted.

The first panel of the tree has been transfer dyed onto lutradur and then stitched. The second panel has also been transfer dyed and I printed the papers with one of the adinkra stamps I have. This one is called fofoo and its meaning according to a booklet I got from the Afrikacentrum
is "what the fofoo plant wants is that the gyinantwi seeds should turn black" or the symbol of jealousy. I think the shape is quite universal which is the reason I used it, but to me it seems much more like a symbol for woman- many handed, doing many task at the same time- or something like that. How do you see this stamp as a symbol? What does it suggest to you?

Anyway both panels are for sale- they are $75 US including postage ( the size is A3). I can be paid via Paypal and my email address is linked in my profile. Also anyone out there who normally uses my gsat email address please use my hotmail address- I am having major issues with my internet provider- they don't believe I am not getting my messages despite my receiving snail mail from people telling me they have been trying to contact me.It's time for change- but apparently we are getting Adsl soon- I sure hope so!


Sheila said...

I fear you won't like this: the symbol originally reminded me of Libby Lehman's flowers - something straight out of the 1960's. Secondary impression is of how a frog looks with little feet suctioned to the patio glass door...only your "frog" is many footed!

Arja said...

I'm thinking motion, doing cart wheels on a sunny day, and other things that go round and round.

Claire said...

Hi Dijanne, I have emailed you twice to the eftel address and wonder if you received anything? I'll email you hotmail address instead.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Dijanne,
ik vroeg me af hoe je met Transfer Paint kan stempelen. Gebruik je dan een verdikker?