Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not Much Achieved Today

Today started with all sorts of good intentions but ended up being consumed by sorting out my email problems- which hopefully now- finally are sorted. Why is it that internet tech people never believe what you are telling them, make you feel like a blithering idiot and then say why didn't you say this before????- when you have .

Anyway yesterday I made a lino-cut of the stone angel ( actually it looks more like a saint, but as I have no idea which one I like the term stone angel) so that it is much bigger than the original stone one . I wanted to see whether altering the scale of it, would impact on how I found the image ( which I like a lot). I still like it. So I painted some papers for transferring to lutradur and then printed them with the new lino-cut image. I have trasnferred them but that is as far as I got. My youngest child,Ynez, was home from school yesterday due to industrial action against the new Workplace Relations Act- and her passion is cats so she made the cat lino-cut- which I think is pretty cute. It prints nicely as well- she is all inspired to now make her own lino-cut for Christmas cards.

And then today in the post I got the pictured wonderful Chinese calligrahpy brushes , purchased in Beijing by my friend Clare Smith who went there last week. Aren't they just the best? I don't know what it is about Chinese calligraphy brushes,but I am getting quite a collection, but also use them and then don't look after them very well.These ones will be!

Oh and I sold both Angels in Stone panels- the Bindii quilt and th elittle journal Keyholes quilt!

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