Monday, November 14, 2005

Gang Gang Cockatoo

Gang Gang Cockatoo

It is that time of the year again- the black wattle seedpods are setting and the Gang Gang Cockatoos have moved in to feast. I know I posted a picture of one last year, but this one was so cheeky that i could almost touch him. He is the male, the females do not have the red crest. These birds are a bit bigger than a crow and are very noisy. I hope people enjoy the occasional pictures of things from my surroundings even though they are not textile.

On another note I am thinking of setting up a teaching/textile blog- it would be closed and for subscribers only- but am wondering if there is any interest out there for that sort of thing, so any feedback would be appreciated. Also I wondered what people expect from such a thing- the level of interactivity- the inspiration/motivation aspects- reasonable cost.

And Sheila- I think I was so busy looking at the motif I posted yesterday as and adinkra stamp that I did not see the flower aspect of it. And in thinking of adinkra I was thinking of it as a form of language- for the stamps are used in this kind of way- printed onto cloth to essentially make story cloths that are quite individual to the makers- so I was looking at the symbolism more than its physical aspects. I know in my own work I do use certain motifs as a kind of shorthand for things I want to say- I don't always spell them out as such because I think every one brings their own interpretations to symbolism. And on that point - why do so many of Michelangelo's figures point their index finger skyward? What is this the symbolism for? There is probably an easy answer to this one, but I have been trying to find out for quite some time, and haven't found an answer yet.Posted by Picasa


Frances said...

I enjoy the photos from your surroundings because I am in a totally different enviroment from you so all are new and exciting to me, I say this because when I hit a blog with photos of places I know well I just move on,

I would be interested in your teaching/textile blog but I will be honest and say I might not be able to afford it this coming year, I hit 60 next august and if blair and brown do not change the rules again I get a pension....whoopy :o)

given the power of the church in michelangelo's time I would say they are all pointing to God or Heaven or something like that but that is definately a lay womans opinion,

Micki said...

I too, enjoy seeing photos of your surroundings as they are so different from mine. I think your work is very interesting and inspiring.

Alison Schwabe said...

Hi Dijanne - the teaching/textile blog idea sounds interesting in principle - put me on the list and keep me posted - cheers - Alison

marja-leena said...

What a beautiful blog and such beautiful work! I found your blog and website by way of Maria in Finland. I'm just starting to read everything here but first impressions are impressive and this is going on my regular blog read list.

I am a Finnish-Canadian printmaker in Vancouver, Canada and have a blog too - welcome for a visit!

Omega said...

Leonardo was always at it too: painting religious folks pointing up. I'm beginning to think that it was a private joke of some kind because the hands are so similar.

I should think that an interactive textile teaching blog will be really successful - and thinking back to my early days of learning, the one thing that I really craved was feedback on my own work. I have been fascinated to see how many blogs are keen to show and share their work, which I guess is partly because visitors ask to see examples, but also because of the desire for feedback. It will be lots of fun, and hard work too - good luck.

Liz said...

I'd be interested in a teaching blog too - I love reading about what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I would be really interested in a teaching blog. I have been following your blog with interests and although I've attended a class with you years ago I would love to do some more. a teaching blog seems innovative, manageable and acble to be accessed regardless where one resides.

Rasa Mauragis

ina klugt - berghuis said...

Hi Dijanne,
A textile teaching blog would be very interesting to me. I read you blog a few times a week and I realy enjoy all your "adventures"

Next week we hope to be able to go to The Hague again.

Ina Klugt.