Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pfftt-What a day

Have been dying more fabric as my stocks are really low. The fabric is different which is a bit annoying, the colours aren't coming out quite like I am used to them coming out, and the fabric has a different feel. I almost feel like complaining to my supplier and begging them to get back their previous Chinese supplier. But...... the fabric still looks nice , feels nice, just is different.

And I sewed a sample piece of the Angels in Stone lino cut print I made. I like what's happening. This one was done on the more papery lutradur which also has more of a sheen, but really the type of sheen you get burnishing cotton- like theTuareg do.

The day started out all planned- dyeing and then sewing, as I needed one of the dyed pieces for the sewing I was planning- and then the high school rang up to say Celeste ( daughter)was not feeling well and could I come pick her up ( 20 minute drive there and back), and then when we got home I had some visitors from the Netherlands- I wasn't expecting them so of course my house was in the worst diabolical state( sometimes I could just curl up and disappear with the state of my house), but the visitors were just lovely!


Deb R said...

OMG, that organge fabric is Gorgeous!!!

(And Yay on your nanowrimo word count! You're doing great!)

Claire said...

Dijanne, what is Lutradur? I know what you mean about fabric changing. I have about 50m of homespun from KraftKolour stashed away because it is so much crappier than the stuff from Spotlight which I loved very much (believe it or not LOL)

I sent an email to your Hotmail account recently, could you confirm if you got it or not. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Orange, orange and more orange w/a splash of yellow. The colors look GREAT!