Friday, November 18, 2005

Creativity and Fabric

Trying out the New Calligraphy Brushes and Fabric

I must admit I feel a little flat today- have done lots but nothing really creative, so I painted this with my new calligraphy brushes. I like the wholeness of the brush stroke you get with these brushes, but yeah the image is well.... I was just playing. I feel a bit spurred on by Claire Bryan from Little Fish who is trying to be creative every day in the Nanowrimo kind of way! I am still pluggging away at my novel, which seems to be leading me rather than me, the author , leading it- but the words are getting written. And I am still on track to get there having gotten in the 30,000 word range. It then becomes a matter of being too many words to just ignore.

I also dyed some fabric- but am really finding the different fabric to be a bit of a consternation- some colours take really well but others are well - different as far as I am concerned. So I will be ringing the supplier and seeing what i can do. And I have set up another blog called Seriously Textile, for the purpose of selling, so that I keep it off this blog which has been my journal. I will mention my "other" blog from time to time, but otherwise will put everything for sale there.
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