Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Angels in Stone


I have been working on another Angels in Stone panel- this time based on the lino-cut I made. I like the fact that the lutradur is really stable and that you can cut it away so easily and then sew it , without any slipping problems. Wietske asked how do I print with the transfer dyes. I am using a transfer dye known as teepee- which comes already in solution which I get from Kraftkolour- it's slightly thicker. However it is also possible to do with the dye powders mixed with just water.There is a thickening agent you can buy but I haven't tried it. You cannot use Manutex. I have a little printing pad on which I put the ink and then press my lino-cut or stone into that and then onto the paper. The panel is 120 cm long and 30 cm wide ( 47 " x 12")

I am enjoying sewing these, for even though I am using a print and am following the shape of the print for the sewing, each face still somehow has an individual expression. I also like the effect of cutting away under the wings/arms and being able to add a different colour of thread in there.

Oh and Deb Richardson- on my links- has just had her self portrait published full page size in Quilting Arts- Wow Deb! I did try and congratulate her on her blog- but cyber space is still a mystery to me... a lot of the time.Posted by Picasa


Deb R said...

Thanks Diane! :-) (Several people have been having trouble with my comments lately and I have no idea why. I haven't changed anything!)

I like how your angel is turning out. It's one of those things I wish I could see in person so I could get a better sense of the texture.

Omega said...

I was immediately reminded of Christ Pantokrator images from icons and mosaics, so went to Google, and found a fascinating exhibition at the Met.Museum in NY which you might be interested in looking at: http://www.metmuseum.org/special/Byzantium/byzantium_main.asp