Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tomorrow I leave

Lino-cut printing today
Phew it has been a busy few days. But to answer a question first- the 10,000 steps thing is to walk 10,000 steps a day- most sedentary people do maybe 3,000, but to lose weight you need to do 10,000, it increases fitness and lowers blood pressure. I have been trying to do the 10,000 steps in addition to my normal daily to and froing, and it takes me an hour and twenty minutes- I am trying to speed it up a bit, but as I have now reached the number of steps on a regular basis I can work on that.

Basted another forest quilt today which I will sew when I get to Europe- managed to dye some wonderful forest fabric the other day which just yelled at me to make it into a quilt- so I obliged. I have also been lino-cut printing fabric and the weather was so gorgeous ( bear in mind we are heading into winter here) today that i was able to do it outside which was very pleasant indeed. Have to iron some more fabric tonight- but then that's it! Tomorrow I leave fairly early in the morning and fly to Frankfurt.
The photo below is yesterday's dawn- it was quite spectacular and though a crimson dawn bodes bad weather it never eventuated.Posted by Hello


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

How do you know how many steps you take? Do you count? or do you have one of those pedometer things?

cfent said...

love the linocut printed fabric!
have a great trip.

Nicky said...

Another gorgeous fabric! I am amazed at the beauty and the quantity of work you produce.

PaMdora said...

You have a wonderful style with your linocuts! Very distinctive and classy.