Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Could Not Resist

Marian Bijlenga- Untitled 2001 Posted by Hello
Yesterday I went to Zijdelings and asked Karina about the floor talk given by Marian Bijlenga a Dutch fibre artist whose work I feel really inspired by, and which to some extent has provided many insights into my own work. It transpired that she had a book of collages made by Marian Bijlenga- of course this was a book which had instant love written all over it- and fortunately she still had one copy which is going home with me. It is a large book (42 cmx 31cm) entitled Written Weed and contains 232 pages of black and white collages of dried herbs, grasses and seeds- in one word - it is beautiful - the ISBN is 90-70680-65-3.

Part of the reason for mentioning it here, apart from the fact that I love the work, is, that in a sense I am inspired by the same kind of attention to tiny detail and pattern. I have been asked by different people whether I don't get bored walking the same circuit I do nearly every day- and the answer is an emphatic No- every day i see something new, hear something new, find something new- the experience of walking the same circuit over and over makes tiny details leap out at me and I feel I notice more of the small things - a kind of microscoping into the miniscule- and this is something I have been using in my work for quite some time- going into the tiny detail or the reverse telescoping and taking the wider view.


Diana said...

I understand what you mean about finding something new in the same places you walk. I do that all the time.

Anonymous said...

Dijanne, my emails to you keep coming back, the name you picked is fine, will try to email you again.

Anonymous said...

Still can't get an email to go through.

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