Sunday, May 08, 2005

In Walsoorden

No photos today, Collin needed my digital camera back home for his drafting course, so I am on the lookout for another camera soon. I arrived on Friday morning in Frankfurt at 20 to 6 in the morning and picked up the car and drove to Walsoorden, in Zeeuws Vlaanderen. Did a smallish walk along the Schelde that afternoon and got a good nights sleep! Yesterday I taught dyeing in Northern Holland and I was pretty tired when I got back.

It gets light so early in the morning here! Of course in my part of the world we were heading for the shortest day of the year whereas here we are heading towards the longest- so I was up early and did a 5 km walk- not another soul in sight- just one or two big ships on the Schelde- the golden light of the rising sun shimmering on the peaceful water and loads of birds, and the sound of the cuckoo as I walked back along a narrow country road- I felt like the little 9 year old child that used to live in Holland- with no cars or other people around,and just the sounds and the birds and the dykes and the canals and the trees it was as if for a moment nothing had changed- but of course it has and you realise it the minute the world starts to churn.

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Jenny said...

Love the more recent entries - I had lots to catch up on after all the recent travel.

Jenny in Cairo