Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lace Again

Lace Again Posted by Hello
A very quick post- I have just come back from Maastricht and have to go off again in 15 minutes to Belgium- to teach- last week andthis week was/is very very full on!
But yesterday when I got back the professional photos, Robina and Tony Summers made of my lace pieces, were here- and they show the effect I was trying to get with the shadows having a secondary play in the image. The lace looks so different with the play of shadow and really makes the whole seem fuller. This is the lace that was inspired by the Drochel lace. Seeing the images like this is re-enthusing me about making more of this work- and suddenly my head is swirling again with ideas- but with no time to do it! ( not even to make notes in my journal)


Elle said...

How pretty! Even though I know they are fall leaves, they also remind me of photos of the place in Mexico where monarch butterflies go for the winter. All you see are fluttering orange.

ginger said...

I too thought of butterflies as I first took a look at this extraordinary piece of art. It is just beautiful! Ginger

Nicky said...

Me too I thought they were butterflies then I realised they were leaves. How did you produce this? It looks incredible? I am intrigued about the technique.