Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Another Day

Yep Some more Painting Posted by Hello
Went out for my walk early this morning- the world is another place before it starts the grind of work and industry. The sun was out and it was just bliss walking and walking, and stopping every now and then to look at the birds or rabbits or hares. There were a couple of very large boats on the Schelde- it is funny when you are on this side of the dyke that runs parallel to the bank of the river- you cannot see the boat- just the communications/living quarters tower so it looks as if a big house is floating by.
Yesterday i came across a Tao saying by Deng Ming Dao;
Be as a crane in the water
If that is necessary
Be still
If you do not have to move.

Co-incidentally I had seen a blue crane on the same day - earlier on my walk. And yes it was in stillness that i could appreciate its grace and elegance. It is in stillness that you see the best things- and we all need moments of stillness.


Gerrie said...

Your painted fabrics are so beautiful and vibrant. I would just hang them as art!

Scrapmaker said...

I have been so enjoying your comments about your walks and nature. And your fabrics'!!!!Stunning, each and every one. I'd never cut a one, just hang them as they are. Jen

Jen said...

Hi Dijanne,

I really love the depth and movement in this latest piece of painted fabric. It reminds me of water and I love to sit and watch moving water - lakes and rivers on a calm day.


Nicky said...

I agree - stillness feeds the soul.

Kat said...

Your painted fabric looks wonderful and yes, it would have been a lot of fun to do - it adds an extra depth to the fabric. Very inspiring

Karoda said...

Can I just sit here with my mouth gapped open!? These are really unique and incredible.

Jenny said...

Beautiful fabrics Dijanne.

Love the crane too. You know, at Teri's request, I tried to join the web ring, loaded the stuff required, but still can't get in! I have the Wissa Wassef stuff on at the moment -woven tapestries, and great designs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne.. Your painting are just beautiful,fabulous, wonderful,
I thought your dyed quilts were amasing the paitings blow me away.
I hope you don,t mind I'm sending you blog to my group to see the fab work you do..
Dianne sandy sis....