Sunday, May 01, 2005

My Studio- maybe???

My studio

These are the bones of my studio/shed/workspace.I will be able to see the view out the back as there will be windows at that end of the shed.At this end there will be a verandah. I am so looking forward to this space. I have run the business and my artists practice from small rooms for the last 10 years and my current space is about 9 foot by 10 foot ( 3mx 3.5m), my new space will be 9 metres by 6 metres (27 foot x 18 foot)- when it all gets done. There is obviously a lot more work to be done- but the structure is up!! And meanwhile I am being patient- and preparing for my trip next week and running out of time. I always imagine that I can do more than I actually can and then have to ditch things . But I have learnt to live with this and don't feel so guilty anymore.Posted by Hello


Deb R said...

Wow, Dijanne, that's going to be wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne
Great to see Collin is keeping himself busy! Might catch up this weekend. Love to the family.

Nicky said...

Great space Dijanne! Its going to be wonderful to have so much room! Spread your wings and fly!

Anonymous said...


Is it a trick of the eye or the camera or does the angle of the gable roof match the angles of the hills I seem to see in the distance?

Why did I think that the concrete was down? Oh, well, skeletons are GOOD!