Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Some more altered book pages

Inspired by matisse Posted by Hello

I nearly went home today- I am feeling a bit homesick and am missing my family- but I have commitments and I have to bring home some quilts from Chilford the weekend after next. So I had better sew up a storm between now and then, to make up for this feeling. Today was a bit of a loss- weather was pretty boring and I set up the sewing machine, switched it on but then the blahs hit.So have been searching the net for artists residencies that allow you to take your family with you- there are none as far as I can see. Why is it presumed that artists/crafts practioners have no families?? You are supposed to make all this work , and yet live the life of a hermit or free spirit, without the positive interaction of husbands and children.Are we all meant to be single without commitments , floating through the world creating whatever it is that we do with no recognition that we may live in the world much as other people do- that is with families.
if I had the means I would set up a place for artists' residencies where families can come along!!! - in Gellibrand!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne, I'm sorry you have been feeling homesick. Hope you are over it today? I have just found your blog. There was nothing on TV so I typed in lino cuts and that is how I found this site. I haven't done any lino cuts since I was 16! As you know I love your work and treasure your Postcard. I shall now look in regularly. My family is grown up, but I hope when you set up your residency in Gellibrand you will let me in?