Thursday, March 10, 2005

Line Drawing

Line Drawing Posted by Hello
The other day when I was in the Oxfam shop in Newmarket I picked up a couple of old books on drawing. One of them was called Creative Drawing- Point and Line by Ernst Rottger and Dieter Klante ( and it does not appear to be available on Amazon), which contains children's and students drawings and then a whole , very interesting section on lines and dots. A lot of this could be used remarkably well in the quilting process, so i sat and drew my own line drawing concentrating on a couple of different textures. I think I might try some more of this!
And last night Sandy and I were looking around the internet- now who doesn't do this???- we came upon a website of some wonderful felted clothing by ">Lizzie Houghton. I love some of the coats.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dijanne - that is my all time favourite book! I love the quilting ideas in the line work!

Jenny in Cairo

Patty said...

Hi Dijanne - I just bought the book Creative Drawing Point and Line book from Amazon Used Book Section. Great book for art ideas. There are 8 of these books for different themes, clay, textiles, paper and wire. YOur site is new to me and I really like the quilts. Many thanks. Patty in San Francisco

Joseph Russo said...

Love your patterns,also the links to learn a stich for the pattern..

FYICHINA Testing instrument said...

Hi Dijanne ,I Like you post . keep on .
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