Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I posted the picture this morning but for some reason I could not publish the blurb. We spent the whole day in Geelong and Melbourne getting supplies ( of the edible kind- needed olive oil for Lebanese eggplant pickle and parmesan and all other mediterranean goodies, and dyes and some microwax which i think might work ok for impregnating handmade paper with wax to give it a really lovely texture feel).
I cleaned up a large part of my workroom yesterday in an effort to kick start some motivation, and also to tidy up the piles of stuff that accrued as I did the work for my masters ( which I have now got, the masters that is- graduate on April 6 though I won't be going) and I am still waiting for the return of the work so I can get it properly photographed. I think it has changed the way i think about textiles and how I will be using it in future- I am really finding it difficult to think quilts as such and the pic I posted is of little fabric squares sewn onto tulle by hand- I think I shall finish it as I find the transparency and the counter balance of the more weighty fabric quite pleasing. Anyway it was something I put aside last year. I am also thinking of doing some more kantha inspired straight stitching on muslin and flannel curtain lining I picked up in England. These are very heavily hand stitched- and really for my own pleasure for the motion of stitching- that is why i was so chuffed to pick up the rayon threads in England.

I would love to do a course with Michael Brennand-Wood to find some inspiration and motivation but alas Textile Fibre Forum is always in the school holidays and I am away so much that i do try to be home in the school holidays for the kids. I wonder how many other mothers miss out to going to the forum because of the timing? Posted by Hello

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smarcoux said...

Nice piece Dijanne you think we can get a close up of the squares?
wild ww walker !!!