Friday, March 11, 2005


Hawaiian Posted by Hello
This little cut-out is done in the Hawaiian style- that is the design is done on an eightfold- to me this seems more static than the Tifaifai which is done on a four fold.
Yesterday I ordered some books on Amazon- as there are no delivery charges for orders over a certain amount in the UK ( unlike Oz where you seem to pay an arm and a leg for shipping- sometimes more than the value of the book)- and they arrived early this morning!( in less than a day) So happy happy happy. Bought Federico Garica Lorca's 'Deep Song and Other Writings'- I love his plays and was interested to read more about his affinity for duende and Andalusian folk songs, and have already found some treasure within its pages, and Nabokov's 'Speak, Memory' and the book on Matisse ; His Art and Textiles ( couldn't resist that at 30% off !). Now I have to cart it all home though!

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