Monday, March 14, 2005

Dyeing on a Sunday in Cambridgeshire

And dyed Posted by Hello
Yesterday Sandy and I spent- 6 hours with no wine like refreshments ( we're abstaining you see and dieting and exercising-daily!!!! and there's little yellow things growing from the tops of our heads- and they're not horns- actually there halos in danger of plummeting...- this is day 6 of a new 'life' regime meant to thin us down and make us no fun) stitching pieces of cloth to create resists. We got up with excess enthusiasm on Sunday morning before the church bells ( and with not a hint of cockies cage mouth) went for a walk and did an extra mile just for the heck - came back pulled up the threads- and put it in the dye pots. Whilst we were at it we did a few fold dyes as well. As you can see abstinence does not a good resist dye stitcher make but a brisk walk will do wonders for fold dyeing.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your diet and execise My husband and I started in January 1, 2005, no wine (I whine, no cheese, no bread, no ice cream...etc. It's been harder than heck but I have lost 9 pounds and he lost 15. And I tell you, everyday I have wanted to give up but I know this the right thing. It has been no fun so the other night we cheated and ate out.... But I am back on the routine...

Debra said...

Your dyed fabric is loverly!! Thank you for showing me how you got those wonderful circles.

I've discovered (waw) that for me it's more about the exercise than the diet. I naturally eat about 1200 calories a day... I actually need to eat more! But eat more good things (that means veggies??? no thanks). But I need to walk atleast 3 miles a day... or do Junott's trick of the 10,000 steps.

I'm anxiously waiting your return home (well, not as anxiously as you maybe).. to see the final results of that piece you showed us in the works just before you left.