Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The print made with the lino-cut Posted by Hello
I made this lino-cut on Saturday and printed up some fabric yesterday.It is inspired by kuba cloth from Africa though some of the shapes happen because cutting the lino lends itself to those kind of shapes. One day I will standardise the sizes of the pieces of lino and maybe make a book with some of the prints- or maybe I will just print all the lino-cuts I have at home and make the book anyway. I always feel that if I make a book I will want to add text. I have been reading the Matisse ;His Art and His Textiles and think that one of these days I will somehow collate all the references that are made to paitnings being constructed in'patchwork' like patterns- there are quite a lot of novelists who also use the term to connote connections.

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