Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Special on My Book!

The time has flown and I am finally getting to the tail end of sorting out my things in the shed and putting everything into plastic boxes, plus I have installed a new lock all by myself! You could not lock the shed as someon,e other than me, had mislaid the key for the shed.

It's been very very hot, in fact too hot to be in the shed. I am lucky I have been able to go to a friends house where it is at least a bit cooler, so not much  stitching getting done.Thank goodness the rain and cool change has just arrived. I have made a couple of stitched khadi pieces-  stitching actual leaves onto the khadi paper- even if the leaves crumble, the stitching will remain in place-  and the backs are interesting though I have forgotten to photograph them.

I have made my arrangements to get to France 2016 so that I can house sit for my friend in le Traidou- it was a bit awkward as the timing was very tight as the airfares around Christmas/New Year from Australia to Europe  are ridiculously expensive. So I am very relieved to have found a reasonable fare. So remember if you are in France and particularly Southern France and would like me to teach from mid January until mid April let  me know or conversely you can come to  Le Triadou as there is space to do workshops.

I have my banksia contemplation board in place, but not having  the power to run my sewing machine is hard. I am trying to think what I can do with these pieces.... Some machine stitching will have to happen because I do not have enough time to do everything by hand!

I am also going to run my on-line linocut printing class again! There has been a couple of requests for it as it is some time since I ran the course.

The linocut on-line class will commence on 26 January ( Australia day because I won't be there) and consists of  a series of exercises to hone your skills  to be able to achieve  lovely linocuts, and tips and  ideas on how to use your photos for inspiration and how to use positive/negative balance in interesting ways.There is also a section on printing on fabric . I have been told the notes for the class are very thorough indeed and are invaluable in coming up with good designs. The on-line course will consist of the notes and an on-line forum to discuss  and inspire each other.All of my printed fabrics are made with linocuts I have made myself including the banksias above.

I am also considering making my  linocutting notes available as a pdf download if there was any interest. The cost of the course is $60AUS and I can be paid via Paypal or if in Australia via internet banking. Please email me if you are interested.

Christmas Special! For Australia only , if you  buy a copy of my book Musing in Textile: France up to and including boxing day I will offer the book at  a 20 % discount plus postage ( which is about $15) So that means the book will be $39.95 plus postage.  The book is hardback and  is in full colour with 240 pages. We have put up a sample chapter on issu for you to have a look and read some  of the book and don't forget there is a dvd with explanatory notes and also a videos of the techniques I have used in the book. I have been told by several people that the videos are  very useful and full of information! Ican be paid via Paypal ( with a small additional charge) or by internet banking or direct deposit. The sample  chapter can be seen here   or below                  

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Penny said...

Good luck with France. I love your book, so glad I have it.