Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Back in Gellibrand

I have spent the last week sorting through my things and have gotten rid of many things and have been a bit ruthless- boxes of magazines that fortunately found a good home, old stuff I haven't looked at for years. I am sick of carting them around. I am also  putting all things into plastic containers or ziplock bags, as the spiders in the shed get pretty torrid when I am not here. I can't do much more until I get the rest of my furniture down here. Having no water or power has proved interesting- thankfully I have a good friend a little bit down the road where I can at least shower occasionally- otherwise I am reverting to early twentieth century bathing style with a tub!

There has been some movement on the wastewater management plan, as in there is finally a plan, but what it will exactly entail is a bit of a mystery at present as they will be assessing each application individually, so there is no overall  regulations that apply to blocks zoned residential. It still leaves me up in the air as far as selling my block as no one knows whether a building permit will be granted as each will be assessed individually- sigh- I am so over this. I guess however maybe the fact that there is a house on the blocks either side of me maybe they will grant a permit- and there is enough land to be able to come up with an acceptable waste water system- never mind that the cows over my back fence go down the river and poop to their hearts delight- one would have thought they would be more of a concern than a septic tank.

I am finally getting a little stitching done- though after about 1.30 pm today it was too hot to be in the shed and I have  come to my friends house to catch up on some things internet and to sip some white wine and iceblocks- what luxury!.

I have created a page of works that I have for sale entitled Works for Sale including Work from my Book Musing in Textile, it is the first tab under my header banner, please have a look and see if anything interests you, and all reasonable offers will be considered! Just email me. I need to buy a water tank and also buy my airfare to return to Europe, as that is where most of my work is , particularly workshops.And of course my book is for sale  and linocut panels are also for sale!

I am really a bit excited about next year as I am going back to Le Triadou, the place that provided so much inspiration for my book. My friends who live there are going to the Phillipines where they have a house and are also involved in a permaculture project, so I will be housesitting for them whilst they are away. I have also been invited to exhibit at an artists' event in Chartres in March 2016- I am so excited to show my Chartres work in the city that inspired the work, and then  I will exhibit new work at Quilts en Beaujolais in April 2016 ( I  really have to get into gear and make work, but  until I get my workspace properly settled it's difficult to be working steadily, although the end is in sight). I will also be guest exhibitor at Forca Fil in Provence in June 2016 and have been allocated space in a museum- which is also a bit exciting. Planning for the second half of 2016 is well under way. If anyone in France would like me to come and teach please email me and I can send you a list of workshops I teach. I am arranging workshops in  Salon de Provence. it is also possible for you to come and do workshops with me in le Triadou ( pres Montpellier) as I will have a studio space to teach in  plus there is space for you to stay if you have to travel some distance.

If you decide to buy something at present there is probably still time to receive it before Christmas, plus I might just add a little extra thing as a little surprise if you do order before Christmas! I have a paypal account  which can be used to pay me, just email me for the details. One of these days I will  put the buttons on here!

I have been making bay leaf wreaths- I get up really early as I go to bed  when it's dark (  or soon after as I only have candle light) so that means I wake up pretty early as well- plus the birds are so noisy- what a racket they make. It's lovely but I don't actually need to be up at 4.30 am! the wreaths are going to be my only Christmas decoration this year and they smell lovely. If you are local I can sell them to you for $25.

I am finally getting some stitching done on my new girl and the tree linocut. The linocut panels is for sale for $20 plus postage and you can see the colours available on my previous post.

And last but not least this little hare embroidery is for sale- it is about 18 cm across and has been hand stitched. The price is $45 plus postage. Email me if you are interested in any thing!

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Shirley Goodwin said...

Glad to hear things are moving on your block, albeit at a snail's pace. I have fond memories of my stay with you and Liwanag at Le Triadou, and the trip to Sete.