Monday, July 22, 2013

Printing Fabric

I have not been idle this last week- hoorah. I have been scouring the internet for antique french fabrics because in my upcoming book I want to devote some space to the inspiration antique fabrics can offer.I also love old fabric steel books but the price for them is somewhere out in the stratosphere- I wonder what the lowly clerks who pasted the fabrics into the books and carefully wrote descriptions would have thought how much their work is worth now? I think it's the combination of the hand written ledgers and the hand cut fabrics that  is so appealing . I have also fallen in love with a few bits of fabric, but most of it is  tooo expensive , so then the only option is too make your own, but with an eye to the fact that I am very drawn to things that look as if they have been made by hands rather than machines. So I combined my  indienne inspired bird fabric linocut with a flower linocut and some random dots- and worked in a totally uncharacteristic colour for me- pink. What do you think?

 I made the dots with cotton buds- and then combined the prints in the collage mode to see how they would look altogether- I have made 4 panels roughly 50 cm x 50 cm. The printed fabric on the right actually looks brighter than what it is- it's much more moody, and of course things will change with stitching when the bird pattern will come out much more strongly.

I spent some time with my daughter last week working on the logistics for the book I am working on, and we went out and about in search of some inspiration and found this lovely bunch of roses. The trouble with the book is that somehow it does not feel like work and I am having trouble sitting down to the actual writing because that idea has become fixed in my brain - so I am trying to overcome that idea by writing things down in long hand rather than on the computer- more like cues and getting the  chapters sorted in my head and on paper.And the great white heron was there again last Friday on our walk- this must be his" beat"- the creek was quite swollen from recent rain.


quilter501 said...

I follow your blog religiously and am sooooo hyped about these new prints and stitching designs. flowers and birds are my favorites! I'll be first in line to purchase such a are a creative genius. Your work is so original and refreshing. I just wish your journey weren't so difficult. But perhaps that is why your work is soooo outstanding.

Robbie said...

Beautiful work!!! As always!

Gexton said...

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Margaret Cooter said...

Writing in longhand seems to be a rare thing nowadays - do you find you think differently when doing so? I'm a touch typist and find it easier to keep up with my thoughts when typing, so theoretically writing should help with focussing, but I'm not sure it does!