Friday, July 05, 2013


It suddenly dawned on me as I was putting together work for the installation of my exhibition in CrossXPollination in Colac that I had sent quite a few pieces of the Coqueclicot/France work up to Berry as workshop samples. The colours of these are so lovely and warm for a winters day that i sewed like the fury to get some more done and then forgot to photograph them- well to be more accurate ran out of time to photograph them as we had to install work on Wednesday afternoon. I will post some photos next week. The exhibition opens tomorrow night- the more the merrier and it is still possible to join workshops or to come and view the exhibitions  which will be open until Sunday week. There will be a makers market this Sunday and then a creative foyer throughout the week.

Thursday we did a Scarecrow making workshop in Colac- we had five family groups and we had a lot of fun, painting faces ,sewing bodies, dressing and stuffing with hay- we made a mess but there was a lot of smiling faces, and I had not realised quite how large the scarecrows would become, but they became so life sized that the kids were really proud of their efforts.

I was expecting attention spans to wane but everyone stuck to their task and we managed to finish them all- they looked so funny and as we were working int he foyer of the Copacc Cinema Centre our activities  attracted quite a lot of attention- we will install them in the exhibition as a group drinking  a cuppa and having a yarn.

And then during the week some exciting news for Sentinelles ,  including those embroidered by other people. We had been planning to show my bigger sentinelles and many of the embroidered ones at Palaiseau with a   quilt group there, organised by my friend Christine Moulin- we were going to include as many of the embroidered panels as possible as each one has  turned out differently, and I am trying to secure  places to exhibit it  in Australia.

Then the organisation at Palaiseau thought they would make a great exhibition for  their Voix au Féminin  in March of 2014- and so they invited me to be  guest artist- and then to exhibit as many of the embroidered panels as possible. So if you have purchased a panel off me and you have embroidered it please email me if you would like to be part of the exhibition. It is also still possible to purchase a panel if you would like to embroider one. The price of  the panel is  $15 and postage is $2.60 for overseas. I will be doing one more print run but then I will have to  discard my linocut as it is deteriorating with the washing which affects the hemp on the back.So email me if you would like a panel or you would like to join the exhibition- the deadline for delivery of the embroidered pieces is  late January 2014. The only expense will be postage and possibly return postage though I will work on trying to get some funding for that.

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