Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Day

Pomegranates For Sale $60 US inclsuive of postage ( 8x8 inches)
Pomegranates For Sale $60US ( 8x8 Inches approx 20cm square)
Pomegranate Postcard ( 6x4inches) For Sale $27 US inclusive of postage
I have been trying to get some stitching done today- no one at home and I haven't got my Arabian nights village basted yet, maybe tomorrow. I also have to write up some workshops in dutch- whilst my dutch is good I find it difficult to write up workshops in another language- so often the names for the processes are not in the dictionary and certainly the names of the products vary sometimes.

I have also been trying to use the Valdani threads Dale from Thread Studio sent me- I have to run up some samples for her. I have to admit whilst I have used Valdani threads before I tend to use rayon machine embroidery threads- the effects of the two are quite different. I also got her to send a palette I would not normally use, but at the time I was thinking lichens and free machine lace ( it wills till come), but today I decided to use them in conjunction with the work I normally do. I did get the heavier weight threads and I am really pleased with the effect- especially on the tree- the contrast between the sheen of the lutradur and the dullness of the cotton thread actually creates quite an interesting contrast and texture. I must admit I am not a great lover of variegated threads- often finding the variegations too loud- however Valdani's have lovely soft muted variegations, just enough to create interest . I also used them on the pomegrnate pieces in the backgrounds and liked what happened.

Dale also sent me some iridescent shiva sticks- I have been eyeing them off for awhile- it's one of those magpie things- but wasn't quite motivated enough to use them on a piece. Well I can tell you I am now in love with them- especially the gold iridescent ( and I am sure I will find uses for the other colours) . I really like the effect when you apply it over quilting- the gold catching on the thicker Valdani threads.
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artmixter said...

The tree piece is stunning!

Anonymous said...

You know I love your pomegranates, but your tree is superb; I like the background which makes me think of a very hot weather, even fire.

Anonymous said...

I love the tree too... I think it's the limited colour palette. Plus I love trees...

funny, the gold Markal stick is the one I tend to use too... (Shiva).

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I'd love to purchase it! the fist one. what can I do ? What's your e-mail? Seriously... that painting make me feel something weird in my heart.