Friday, September 07, 2007

Coppery Evening Light


These trees are up the back of our property and when the sun sets- there is a short moment when they glow all coppery. The colours are wonderful but it is only fleeting. I have worked all day but have nothing to show for it.I think I will get it all done if I abandon doing a few things, but it will be hectic as always.

I have decided dh can have the shed seeing he has invaded it- it was to be my studio where I could teach and even hang some of my work- but I haven't the energy to fight for the space after the last year (which has been a year I would rather forget- too much pain and hurt and too many losses and deaths and major illnesses and surgeries for parents and partners)- so I will have to think of something else- hopefully something will strike me when I am overseas.Something fresh and new- perhaps the solution is to find a studio space away from home so that it can't be invaded- but unfortunately Colac does not appeal to me, and there is very little else. I still would like to live in France but unfortunately my children don't want to go which means I have to stay here at least some of the time, and keep doing what I have been for the time being which is pretty exhausting. I am taking so many things with me for workshops that I really should have some of my supplies over there- ready to go- fortunately the suppliers I use in Europe have been very helpful in getting stuff to places I need it ( thanks Trapsuutjies and Dreamline!)- but it all takes a lot of organising. Sometimes I think I should set up an Art Van Go style thing on the continent- but I don't really want to be a mobile shop keeper.

I love making, creating, and I love to teach- but I teach in blocks so that I have time to create, I couldn't teach every weekend. Teaching takes a lot of energy, not only in what you deliver but also in how you deliver yourself- you need to be calm,helpful, and hopefully inspiring- and inspiration levels differ form day to day- but when you teach this is what you have to deliver- you have to work out the energy levels of your students, work out who needs to be helped, who will fly, who will struggle and yet hopefully offer something for everyone.Personally I would love to teach many more 5 day classes where you have a chance to get to know your students better and learn what risks they are prepared to take so that you can actually be more useful in providing triggers and inspirations- one day workshops barely allow you to remember half a dozen names- really when I think about it, unless it is a specific technique ( and I do teach some of those) one day workshops are about skimming the surface.
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Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

I have this wonderful vision of big yellow camper van/bus and on the side Dijanne- Teacher Van Go....I think you would be a big hit wherever you travelled.

I have just retired (early) from full time teaching, and am loving the time being my own to create. I can totally understand you wishing to teach for more than one day hoever..... I am sure there are ways and means to organise this to the mutual advantage of students and yourself. You have so much talent and creativity to inspire artists, that I cannot see there being any problem. I just hope that one day you will come to England... so I could take one of your classes.

Best wishes

margaret said...

Sometimes one-day workshops are frustrating for the student too -- you get excited about something and when you leave the class, life takes over and you don't get to follow up on it. That can happen with any workshop of course - it's more likely with one-dayers as those students might not be able to spare the time for longer workshops.

But often the workshop will provide that little push that keeps the (busy) student going on their quilting journey - or else the student doesn't go to learn the technique so much as to pick up "something" from the teacher.

Hope you can find a good studio solution. A trailer??

Alison Schwabe said...

Sure one day workshops can be limiting, but they do offer a 6 hour period in which to further spark the inspiration or energies of people who have already been grabbed by your class description and paid their money to come, perhaps travelling large distances, too - the glass half full not half empty kind of thing - you can make that 6 hours REALLY COUNT. Think about how you can continue to stimulate and even mentor from a distance - so much more is possible in this digital era.