Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Big Rocks Little Rocks


I have been stitching on the rock quilt- I always love the way stitching changes the surface. I worry that doing very little pieceing or appliqueing is in a way cheating ( though the dyeing takes some doing and planning), but then when the stitching goes in I lose that concern- because it really adds so much interest to the surface. And I finally have my machine back from its service and it is running very smoothly- though the working conditions are far from ideal- work table much too high.

It takes up quite a lot of my day having Celeste here doing work experience- although she made a very nice party dress today- that she mostly designed herself with a bit of help from me. Black and with tulle- I am trying to convince her to make a "lace" wrap, but she is not convinced or to make a embellished belt.

Not long to go until I go overseas- and panic has set in- I will get the Rocks quilt done without any problems but there is still a lot of other things to do- like write up my talk- though I have nutted out largely what I want to do- still it has to be written up. And I did want to make some more postcards with pomegranates- the pomegranates ar eprinted- but they still have to be sewn.
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Anonymous said...

thank you for your kind comment! i love your blog and artwork. enjoyed reading about the beautiful egyptian tentmakers. they remind me of the yurt hangings i saw and bought in kyrgyzstan.

Anonymous said...

i really like watching your work. stitching does make all the difference doesn't it? this is simply wonderful.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh I like this Dijanne. I also feel sometimes that dyed pieces are not treated as well as as pieced or appliqued ones - yet they're quilts just the same.