Monday, November 13, 2006

I am working on another Rug

Stitching really does make a difference! The pomegranates with the stitching around them are just so much nicer than the non-stitched ones- and that is why I like quilting/stitching- it really adds another dimension to what painting can't do!

I am working on this rug, not for the underworld this time, but for the upper world. I am still undecided about the green strip on the left hand side, but I will wait and see how it looks once a lot more stitching has gone in.

I will be updating the Sense of Place blog with workshop information at the winery in January in the next day.

And someone please enlighten me- last night literally more than a 100 German visitors visited the site- why did that happen? Anyone out there?


sidulrike said...

Dijanne, the answer to the mystery is that your blog was linked at a huge german speaking quilters yahoo-group (1500+ members worldwide)called the Quiltsterne in reference to your gorgeous Sea Turtle quilt (post from back in January :-D). The question arose whether you first quilted the waves and then appliqued the turtles or first the turtles then overall quilting. So when someone posted the link I guess hundreds of us went to check it out.. lol.. we´re such an inquisitive bunch!
Love your quilting btw since I´ve looked at your blog before but never left a comment - guess this is a good time to let you know how much I enjoy your work! ;-}

Anonymous said...

I was just writing to tell you how much I love these. Nice to find your mystery has been solved too.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Well, that answers that mysterious question! The pomegranates are looking great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne,
At this moment there is one German and one Dutch visitor of you blog.
There also was a big article about you and your works in a German magazine, that also may be a reason for al that German visits.

Is your live a bit better then a few weeks ago? I hope so.
Summer is comming? Winter is comming here however it still is about + 12/15 degrees. Its windy and raining.

Looking forward for your blogs.

Love en best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dijanne,

I love your pomegranates and agree they really jump out with your stitching techniques. I have just purchased a copy of your book Seventy two Ways..." and it is super look forward to much practice with it.

As some one else said summer is coming, but you'd not think so in Tasmania, bitterly cold and expect snow to low levels tonight, ideal time to get stitching.

Hope you are feeling better than earlier.


Anonymous said...

Pomegranates seem to have been invented for you to stitch!

catsmum said...

I visited a garden oriented book shop / gallery at Creswick - nr Ballarat- the other day. It was called Persephone's garden [ she was most impressed that I knew how to pronounce it too! ]
Of COURSE her flyer has a print of pomegranates on it, and I thought of you. They usually have exhibitions of botanical art so I wrote down your blog address for her. Couldn't remember the other one of the top of my head and actually thought I was doing well to pull origidij up from the mental filing system.

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