Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have to Climb Out of the Hole

I seem to have fallen into a great big hole and am having trouble climbing out. It is not that I have been idle- I have done some lino-cutting and printing on paper- but couldn't bring myself to work with fabric at all. I made the lino-cut of an unfurling fern frond as a metaphor- I am not entirely happy with the lino-cut and am not happy with the inking I am doing- it's a bit too heavy.

I have aso been playing with making books- but have been questioning my motivation- are they for me or for sale, and if they are for sale, who would be interested in hand made books? If anyone has some favourite book arts sites or book making sites I would love to find some.

And then this afternoon the thought hit me I ought to make something cheerful- I always seem to come back to Demeter and Persephone- I have been focussing on the dark side , I need to focus on the light side- the re-entry into the world of people, of growth and corn and perhaps a little invention. So these were the fabrics I auditioned for a more cheerful outlook. Not quite sure about it yet- it needs a bit of tweaking, but it's a start.


Françoise said...

These are lovely fabrics!
Please, stay on the light side. :-)

Sally Webster said...

Not like you to be down Dijanne. I guess its a reactin to your troubles. I always read your blog and am astounded at the human dynamo you are. Give yourself time to breath and unfurl like those lovley fern fronds.

Anonymous said...

Be patient with yourself. Suddenly there will be sun in your life again. Go on with playing with what you are doing. Big hug.

His Office, My Studio said...

Welcome to the "Artist Hole". I have been in the hole for short and long visits. I got out by taking time away from my art. When I realized how much I missed my art it was time to return.

I enjoy your work and reading your blog. Take your time.

Anonymous said...

I too am in the 'Artists Hole' - been there for some time - no fabric has passed these hands for months. I tried painting some sketchbooks but now don't know what to do with them!! Keep on the light side!! Anna

Liz Plummer said...

I love those lino prints! Cover them up for a while and maybe when you come back to them you'll be happier with them - I often find that happens with what I'm doing...

Digitalgran said...

Listen to all of us Dijanne. We all love you and your work. Those bright new fabrics are lovely and the fronds are great. You have been so very busy for a long time, you need to slow down and play a little and start enjoying it all again.

Anonymous said...


Dijanne, most artists spend time in that hole, my youngest daughter (41)is a printmaker and is there at the moment despite having done some wonderful work recently and receiving accolades for it. I gave her Brenda Ueland's "If You Want to Write" quite an old work (1930's)but still in print and good read and a good for any creative person. Or indeed try any work by women artists or writers, painters, fibre artists quilters and their struggle to stay 'in the light'

Go and spend time in the bush a long way from the house and studio and do nothing but sit on a rock and lose yourself in the landscape. Artists of any kind need lots of day dreaming to generate their creative boilers. Stay with those lovely colours and leave the dark ones for better times. My thoughts are with you.

Del said...

Dijanne - I have no advice! But I admire your work and send good thoughts for you. I showed some of your pieces at Monterey Peninsula QGuild last evening as part of a talk about collecting contemporary quilts. They were greatly admired - all these thousands of miles away from your studio! I hope some new collectors will start with something from your creative mind/hands.

Anonymous said...

Dijanne, vous êtes dans une période de "ressources" créatives, car tout notre vécu est fait de ces trous et de ces montagnes..Grace à ce que vous traversez vous êtes une personne admirable, et nous vous aimons, et vous espérons sur le chemin qui remonte

Alexandra said...

Dijanne, please don't be upset. I am not an artist but I am a mother and a wife and a woman and I know how hard times can hit us from time to time. You are so much admired not only for your quilts and textiles, but also for your beautiful soul which s so visible from your writings in this blog.
Please find two links from my favorites:
Abecedarium (http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byorg/gbw/gallery/abecedarium/contents.htm#contents )
Palimpsest (http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byorg/gbw/gallery/100anniversary/contemp/contemp.shtml).

Ando there is also Dave Wood who is an Australian artist and you might already know:

All my best

catsmum said...

you'll come through it Dijanne, we all do. I know it's harder for you when your art is also your only source of income, but maybe you need to give yourself permission to take some 'time off' for a wee while. hugz from Castlemaine
any chance you could have a couple of days of the hook immediately after new Years? Fringe Retreat rides again!!