Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Turkish Kofte Balls


I have been sewing a dress for my daughter for her school formal. It is an eon since I have sewn clothing, and then she is a bit fussy as well. I just about had to redo the whole pattern- but it's finished except for th ehem and we are all happy little vegemites. So have done very little otherwise ( building up the oomph to sit and sew a dress took quite some effort :-)

Tonight I made these Turkish kofte balls- they are great in summer and as a snack . They are vegetarian. I got the recipe many moons ago when I worked as a part-time tutor at the Migrant Women's Centre.One of the women there had made it- and we all loved it.

So here is the recipe:
1/2kg cracked wheat ( burghul)
1/2-1 cup of flour
2 tsps salt
3tbsps tomato paste
3 tbsps olive oil\parsley
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp chopped chilli
Lemon juice
You can also add some crumbled fetta cheese to the mixture

Soak the cracked wheat in hot water - drain if still veyr moist.
Put a pot of hot water on the boil.
Put the cracked wheat , flour and salt ( and crumbled fetta if using) into a bowl and mix by hand.
Roll into small balls ( about 2,5 cm or 1 inch)
Drop the balls into the boiling water ( in 3-4 batches) for 5-10 minutes.
Thke the balls out of the boiling water with a slotted spoon and cook the next batch.
Chop the garlic, and parslet finely.
Put the oil and tomato paste into a saucpan and heat,stirring
Add chilli, garlic and parsley.
Stir in the kofte balls and squeeze fresh lemon juice over them

Oh and wonderful news- I am going back to Syria next year with another exhibition. I have been invited to bring work to the al Ba'Ath Gallery in Damascus as part of Damascus' celebrations as cultural capital of the arab world. I am still to find out dates but I may also be doing an artist residency as well in a artist community they were renovating outside Seidanaya not far from Damascus- we will see.
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Mandi aka Fabric Princess said...

those look delicious! and I'm sooo hungry....I'm going to save the recipe and make it when the cold weather hits here! thanks :)

smarcoux said...

OK MISSY .. I need dates if I am to come over there with you for a week ....