Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Queen Zenobia's Patio




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I have been playing and developing an lino-cut for one journal piece about Syria. The woodblock stamp is one I found in the Azem Palace in Damascus and which I was allowed to photograph for a little baksheesh. There was a whole collection of woodblock stamps in the textile area of the palace- where cloth for palace use was woven and printed. This wood block was my favourite for its very formal symmetry. I drew the motif onto paper and then scanned it into my computer and used the paintpot fill function to create the positive/negative image. I sometimes do this to work out balance. I then collaged it in Picasa. I have now made the lino-cut and printed the fabric but I can't upload any more photos so you will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Magic Cochin said...

That's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the fabric you've printed with it. The design reminds me of encaustic floor tiles in Victorian 'Gothic' churches - very Pugin! I always find cutting the lino blocks very soothing and satisfying (as they're not something you can do in a haphazard and unthinking way) - hope you found a moment of calm when you were doing these.

All the best