Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Little Fires


It is some time since I have made a fire quilt and today I felt the urge to start another one. I do intend to make a bigger quilt than the one pictured, but I did not have enough red/fire fabric on hand and it is now too late to dye some more- so the bigger piece will have to wait until tomorrow. But I did sew this smaller piece- I think I shall do some hand stitching in the darker spaces- and I also thought of attaching spent matches somehow. If I do start the bigger piece it will be the nineteenth in a series which I started in 1995. I have only one quilt left and it is being shown in France at the moment ( and I want to do some more work on that piece when I get it back). All the others have sold including all the little ones I have made as well. There is something that draws people about fire.

I shall be giving a talk about my work and inspiration and textile travels this Saturday in Melbourne at the Vic Quilters Gathering in Beaumauris.

I have decided I need a yurt/ger. After buying a shed about three years ago and waiting alkmost 18 months before it was put up I am despairing of ever moving into it- the slab still needs to be laid- and there seems to be an awful lot of stuff in there which is not mine- every time I go in there I get a bit down- it was supposed to be my studio- somewhere where I could teach from home , where I could display some of my work and work as well. I have decided I need the yurt for my sanity- I need a space in which to work and which isn't contested for use. So I am going to save like crazy- and hope to sell some work( so watch this space) and get a real Mongolian yurt. I have found an Australian company that imports them, and it will be wholy my space.I can see it in my back yard. So watch this space!
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Kit Vincent said...

I had never heard of a yurt before, but I checked them out on-line.
What a terrific concept for shelter. They are very private (no windows), easy to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I think that it is a brilliant idea for a studio.
I really liked the mongolian ones with the colourful doors. I would see your door as very colourful indeed - done with lots of stitching!
I'll be watching...