Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blood Plum Blossom


The fabric did not turn out as expected- hmph! i will have to tie rocks again tomorrow. The thing I did wrong was not to dry it immediately so the black seeped into most areas and there is only minor contrast- a very nice piece of darkish silk, but not what I was wanting. Perhaps it will be nice to print the lino cut I showed from last week onto the piece in a pearlescent soft orange.

Spring is bursting here- finally- as I walk around and around our block ( after nearly being run over on the road a few years ago) i wear a track around the perimeters of our block- yes a bit nutso but beats being run over! Anyway on my route are some of our plum trees- and they are in full bloom at the monent- the scent is heavenly and the bees are buzzing!
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