Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sheperd's Warning Dawn


The dawn was very beautiful this morning- an intense pink red- it backlit the trees that looked black against the light.

I have included some pages from a pomegranate journal I made last year . I started working in it but then abandoned it- probably because I went away on a trip somewhere.I always travel very light ( apart from quilts) so I only ever take one journal. Depending how long the trip is, I start a new one or just keep going in an older one if it is a short trip. In the last couple of years I have started keeping and making thematic journals, because everything used to be all over the place. I am developing a couple of themes in my work so find it easier to keep all the bits and pieces and ideas in the same journal- easier to find things afterwards. I don't necessarily draw up any of my designs in this way, but I do play around with visual shapes and ideas- put any research I do in here- I like to find as much information as I can about subject matter. I am also working towards a solo exhibition in Munich next year anbd want the pieces to tie together in a coherent way-so that there is a progression . I like going back to places I have travelled. The first time is thrilling and exciting but I actually see more the second and third times and seem to be able to assimilate place, nuances of place and feelings better
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kathy said...

Dijanne, I love your art journals...wonderful textures and shapes.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Good points about keeping/organizing art journals. These pages are so lovely and I can see how they relate to your actual pomegranate pieces without being strict copies. I haven't progressed beyond pencil sketches, although I do keep a tech journal where I paste in either pictures of my samples are the actual samples. It is much more compelling because of the colors and textures than my sketch books.

marja-leena said...

Congratulations on the solo exhibition coming up in Munich! Let us know where and when (on the offchance I can be there, heh.) You do have a lot of enviable and fascinating international shows and travel. And I love your journals - so well organized.