Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Hellfires and a Question





More Hellfire quilts. If you click on the image a larger image will pop up. I am starting to feel a bit overwhemlmed by all the preparations i still have to do before I leave for France on 10 September. I always get this sense of panic as time lines approach. I have decided not to work on anything large before I leave, and I did want to revamp my journals class. Someon asked about that class- you will not be working to my themes- Chassy or Syria , but they are merely examples of how you can develop your own theme and methods and techniques you can use towards developing not only a journal project but also a larger body of work- the aim is to inspire , and really open doors.

Leanne asked if I always transferred my drawn image to my lino with a sharp tool and the answer is not usually, but the symmetry of this image was so formal that I wanted it to be as acurate as my drawing. Normally I draw straight onto the lino, and I also use texturing as part of the image.

I have to write my lecture that I am giving at Val d'Argent as my french is not good enough for a lecture and it will need translation- this is a bit new to me as I tend to adlib and talk to images, so having to write things down for translation is a bit daunting and inhibiting.I often spark off facial expressions in the audience and even questions.The blurb for my lecture says:" In my travels I have been fortunate to encounter cultures and traditions which are rich in textiles- the language of cloth and stitch.The colours and the form of stitching and weaving often contain patterns and forms which can be a source of cultural pride and recognition whilst others speak of a universal language for textile artists". I have a question do you think the blurb is wide enough for me to include some of my own textile reactions/creations to my encounters?
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lisette said...

absolutely - it is the other side of the statement - what you do with your impressions and reactions post textile encounter. as a student i would find it enormous helpful to see what work had been inspired by textiles (and other art forms or images) from other cultures.

carrie said...

Yes, it always interesting to see what sparks another person off and what they do with it subsequently.

Claire said...

From the blurb, I would expect to see your work which has been inspired by different cultures.

dawn said...

Play it by ear. I think the public will be more interested in you and your work than in the theory of the blurb.