Thursday, August 09, 2007



I have been attaching the match sticks to the little fire piece I am working on. I like the effect and think I will use it for the bigger quilt which I am planning- but perhaps I will use larger matches. The matches taper at the ends so that the stitching does hold them in place.

This morning I finally read the judges report for my coloured 72 ways quilt which I had entered in the new machine quilting ( domestic) section at Vic Quilters Showcase this year- I barely passed- got 54 out of a 100 possible points- artistic merit got a score of 5,thread colour choice got 5 and overall effect got 5- hmphh!!! And my All the Sweet Perfumes of Arabia quilt had the comment good overall design but that threads on the back needed trimming. As I have a designer II machine which clips threads I tend not to go back and reclip- because I feel the threads are more secure if I leave them unclipped. I wonder if the judges know that there are a number of machines that clip threads? I must admit I get a tad annoyed with the obsession with the backs of quilts- sometimes I will piece backs- applique words on the back, but the backs of my quilts are simply that, the backs of my quilts!

And on a good note I had a quilt accepted for the themed competition at Val d'Argent this year- so the quilt will be in the catlogue- yippee!It is always nice to be in a catalogue and Carrefour du Patchwork Europeen always produce a nice catalogue.

And today I have been in Australia for 42 years- my parents, my brother and I arrived on a cold blustery wet evening in Melbourne in 1965 aboard the Flavia and were bussed to Spencer Street Station before taking the night train to Albury/Wodonga and being bussed to Bonegilla where we were allocated two rooms in the army tin barracks used to house non-english speaking migrants.We did not see the new country we had chosen to live in until the following morning. I will never forget how cold it was that first morning and the sound of magpies warbling. I also remember the horrid food, and the high wire fence around the camp.
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Olga said...

Yikes! It's 42 years since I went to university. That was the beginning of a new life for me too.

It seems that with quilt exhibitions it is important to separate out the balance of craft pickiness to art discrimination. But at least you had some feedback to guide you in future submissions - or not!

joyce said...

Maybe you should quilt on the back "Never mind the back, look at the front!"

marja-leena said...

It's over 56 years for me, coming to Canada! Where did you come from, Dijanne?

I agree with the others about the nitpicking.

MargaretR said...

Those judges don't know a good thing when they see it! If they were judging a work of art you would have had 100%

Felicity said...

I really found this astounding - that an artist such as yourself can be judged on such trivialities!!