Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The results




I used 572 beans to be exact- and fortunately it did not take as long to untie as it did to tie. I also had to use the hairdryer to get the silk dry.The orangey/terracotta piece is what I ended up with. I had hoped the black would be a little more dramatic because as you can see the beans were quite black before I steamed them. The contrast is better than on the photos- the sheen of the silk seems to diminsih the contrast when phtographing. The othe rpiece is a piece of silk I tied rocks into. I have painted it and am waiting for it to dry. I tried reversing the colours - whether that worked or not remains to be seen.

I have started walking again now that the weather is better-I must get better and walk in bad weather too. But it is good to be out walking again- - hope to build up to 10,000 dedicated step walks by the weekend as I want to get in a bit of foot toughening for Europe. I always find I do more walking in Europe than here. The towns there lend themselves so much more to walking andgetting things- and then there is Paris- walkers paradise!
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kristin L said...

I can't believe you counted all those beans!! I'm curious to see the shapes left by the rocks.

dijanne cevaal said...

Kristin- yeah obsessive- no it took so long to tie all thsoe beans that I actually wanted to find out- plus I used about half a storage jar that stores a litre by volume. I have dyed with rocks before and think I like the effect better plus it is quicker!

joyce said...

You have waaay more patience than I do! It turned out very nice though. I've tried rocks but only a few of them at a time. I like the effect. I'll be watching to see how yours turns out.

Arty Lady's blog said...

This looks fantastic, the colours are gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing.