Monday, August 21, 2006

Painting Papers

I have been painting papers for using to transfer dye to lutradur as I want to make a lot of small pieces to take to Val d'Argent and hopefully sell some! I used shiny papers for these from an old Den Haan & Wagenmaker fabric catalogue- I really like how they turned out as the background images,photos play with the superimposed printed shapes I put over them with the transfer dye. I am almost wishing I could get this printed with one of those big fabric printers ( certainly can't afford to buy one). I will certainly make a couple of pages in my journal using the papers after I have used them!


sue b said...

These are gorgeous! The colors are so rich and the patterns are wonderful.

Omega said...

You could get them printed. All you need is to present them on a cd in the required format and post them off. I use RA Smart:

Karen in Coolamon said...

Hi Dijanne,
The papers are gorgeous.
what is this process of "painting papers" to print with. Are you willing/do you have time to share it with the uninitiated? Unless of course it's a secret process of your own and I understand you are trying to make a living!
Just a link to a website showing/explaining the process would be enough if you know one.


Sue said...

Fabulous colours/textural patterns: I love them. Will they be available to buy from you mail order? As usual, I love your work!