Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Spring Bouquet For You

I love getting flowers ( but I rarely get given them) and even when we go camping I will try and find some flowers and put them in a jar. I know that sometimes they are more lovely in the ground but somehow a bunch of flowers is like home. So here is a bunch of flowers out of my garden for you! I know up in the northern hemisphere it's still high summer but here thank goodness the signs of spring are appearing and the days are stretching. I am not a good cold weather person.

I saw on Margaret Cooters Blog that Sandra Meech's new book Creative Quilts is out. One of my quilts is in this book- If Hundertwasser Had Lived in the Otways in the section about inspiration from other art- so I am looking forward to seeing the book. I enjoyed Sandra's last book very much and the production on it was beautiful. Check out Margaret's photos of the Summer workshops she attended- wish I could have gone!

And Margaret from Wales thought I was working in different colours- this is partly true- the warm colours are still there though- and these colours are very much inspired by my Middle Eastern travels and in particular a textile shop in the suq in Damascus- I hope i can get back there next year when I go to Syria for the exhibition I am curating for a gallery there. I want to indulge in some more of these wondrous pieces with their vibrant colours. And check out some of Margaret's photos on her blog- she lives in a wonderful place and her photographs give you a real sense of place.

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The Wittering Rainbow said...

Hundertwasser? My ears have pricked up. I'd no idea you had done a quilt inspired by him and I'd love to see a picture if you have one Dijanne. (can't wait for the book) He's a bit of a thing with me at the moment as you may have gathered. I'm half way through my second wallhanging and have plans for another 2. His style (for want of a better word) is so inspiring.