Thursday, August 17, 2006

Guinea Pig needed

Rainbow asked about my Hundertwasser quilt- I have posted before , inJanuary 2005- I tried to create a link I hope it works! The colours are not true on my monitor anyway- but having laid out catalogues in the past before anything with turquoise in it can raid problems- especially greens that are turquoise based.

I have been working all day on the 72 squares ( Title now "Seventy Two Squares Without Stippling or Meandering-Ideas for Free Machine Quilting") and have got it into pdf format- there are still a few things to do, i forgot the overall shot- but I need a guinea pig ( one only sorry) to see if they can get the document in the pdf format and whether it comes through ok.Ok guinea pig has been found- Nic Bridges, whom I met in a class at Mossvale not so long ago, but whose work I have know of through the magazines It's taken ages to crop all the scans and then to think of names....Once I know I can deliver it as a booklet or a pdf file I will work out a price- the pricing is really hard- any ideas would be appreciated. It has turned into 80 odd pages ( so almost most average quilt book size but I am aware that the format is slightly different) 72 pages contain 5inch square scans of each square with a description or ideas for use. I am presuming some foreknowledge of continuous line quilting. So any ffedback on price would be much appreciated.A figure of around the AUS $ 10-15 was going on in my head ( that's about $7.60 -11.00 US,6- 8 euros or 4.30- 6.50 GBP)- is that too much?. The booklet would be a bit more because I would have to print it, and would also include postage( I am thinking with a spiral binding as 80 pages is too much to staple)

And I have used a photo of a forest quilt only because it uses a couple of different methods of machine quilting.

I have arranged to visit the Bernina factory in Switzerland after Val d'Argent- I believe it is an interesting tour. Posted by Picasa


Nic Bridges said...

I'll put my hand up to be your guinea pig, if you like!!

Anonymous said...

Are you selling yourself short by proposing to sell it for $10-15 Aus
would suggest no less than $15 for disc copy. $20 would not be unreasonable.

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Thank you for that Dijanne. It's a very beautiful quilt with colours that make my mouth water. The booklet thingy (spiral bound) seems a little cheap at about £6 and I think you could charge a bit more and still sell lots (at a guess, how about £8.50 plus pp)

Cathy said...

Here's a link to self publishing company I discovered recently. Not sure it would fit what you need but thought it might be worth checking out. I think your proposed prices are very reasonable.
Also, I wanted a closer look at this gorgeous quilt, when I clicked on the pic I was taken to a weird site thought you'd like to know just in case

Joyce said...

Although I am shooting myself in the foot here, because I would probably want to buy your book, I think your prices are pretty low. You have to make sure you make some profit and I wonder if you will at that price?

Stitch 'n Dye said...


I too think you are looking at selling too low. I just had a look at a selection of more or less 'self published' books that tutors etc have published here in the UK. They all cost about £6.50 - £8 - yes they have a coloured cover - but they are all no more then 20 - 24 pages.

The Maggie Grey CD cost about £12 or £15 if I remember correctly.

Dijanne you do put such huge effort into these things - and after all it's your creativity and effort that's gone into this - make sure you get it right:) You are worth it after all.

And I am looking forward to being able to get a copy by pdf - Oh how exciting:) Off to F o Q at Birmingham tomorrow and hoping to pick up some lutradur to play with.
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne,
I already posted a message on quiltkletsers, where I told we are walking the same road. I have not made 72 ideas yet but I am up to 30. For my courses in Oldenzaal as I told you and at Bennink Almelo. If you are publishing your 72 blocs, may I buy one? I have not responded for the last month or so because I have been ill due to the very hot weather over here the last weeks and we were on holidays in Tsjechie and after that I was not quite well. Ik ben in Tsjechie gebeten door een of ander insect had daarna een arm zoals mijn bovenbeen. Sorry for the Dutch words, I don't know how to translate ( bitten by an insect and having an arm as thick as an upperleg? )

Much love and greetings, also for your family:
Gertjan and Ina Klugt.