Thursday, August 24, 2006

Need Help in Germany

Well I must admit to being bowled over by the response to my booklet/CD- I have spent all day fiddling around sorting out CD covers and organising more printing. I have also been asked to submit a cd for a possible article- so the wonder of the internet continues. I must admit to being really pleased that people are prepared to pay- as many people expect free things from the internet- so much so that I am starting to wonder how the creators of good ideas will receive incentive to continue sharing good ideas-after all without invention and ideas things come to a screaming halt. This is not to say I don't like sharing, I do but I also think there is a limit , especially as everyday things in life have all sorts of fees and costs attached to them. Even subscribing to the internet comes with a fee. So thank you everyone who thinks it is worthwhile paying for the Seventy Two ways- I appreciate it! And don't foget you can order directly from me by emailing me

I do have a question though - especially for any German readers- I fly into Frankfurt late on 11 September and then will drive to Karlsruhe/Baden Baden( as I have to pick up some friends the foloowing day)- I will spend a day there and am wondering is there any sort of printing service in Baden Baden or closeby where I could get the booklet printed rather than carry it with me? Also can anyone suggest a reasonable hotel or bed and breakfast?

The photo is of a postcard I have made - I have made a few recently to take with me to Val d'Argent. I have a question- what do people do with fibre postcards when they have bought them?


Anonymous said...


If i buy one i keep it. but if I buy more than 1 of the same I will post it to someone who will really, really appreciate it.


kay susan said...

That postcard is gorgeous. I love the iridescent colouring.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Fantastic news about your booklet, Dijanne! I'm on the road (at Carol Soderlund's dyeing class, week 1, in Fall River, massachusetts, so am reading this before breakfast)....look forward to catching up on your blog when I'm home! Travel well!

Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm not too familiar with the Baden Baden or Karlsruhe areas, but Heidelberg is nearby and the home of the world famous printing presses. There's both a large and a small printing company in my town on the outskirts of Heidelberg, and it seems you can't throw a stone without hitting a printing company. That said, I don't know the good vs bad ones. If you'd like you could email me and we could discuss more details.

Angela said...

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