Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alernative Visual tradition ( AVT)

Now that I have discovered that I am actually practising in an alternative visual tradition, i thought I would share a little of the latest thing I am working on- it i son th elighter weight lutradur which allows the background fabric to pleasantly shine through and gives a patina to the surface. I am still tweaking elements of it but am getting closer to being able to sit down and do some sewing on it- I think I shall also do a fair bit of hand stitching on it. I dyed the background fabric today - it needed the right amount of turquoise to come through to give it life but yet be purple enough to deepen the hue of the orange/red to a burnished deep terracotta colour.Not entirely sure about the foiling I did but stitching can do something to that or not.

Still the dreaded cold lurks on- doesn't make you feel like cooking or doing anything much. Did spend a pleasant hour in the sun with the Matisse biography getting some vital vitamin D. When you read who his painter friends were you realise how few actually make it into the big scheme of things. I have never heard of Etienne Terrus said to be Roussilon's greatest painter. I can understand why Matisse was drawn to Rousillon- I love the country side there and both its neighbours, Languedoc and Cataluyna. Posted by Picasa


Sapphire Dakini said...

This is beautiful... Love the colors.

emmyschoonbeek said...

I love this very much and wonderf if you can let me were I can buy Lutradur in the Netherland does zijdeling have it maybe it is an other name here please can you help me ,and I like to no if i can buy your book about Tifaifai ,and were ,
Warm regards Emmy

Martha said...

Dijanne, I'm trying to reach you. Email me when you get a chance. I have an australian problem.

Thanks, Martha

Debra said...

This is a beautiful snippet!! I love your color sense.

Are you going to explain what is meant by Alternate Visual Tradition?