Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More cheerful

I must admit I was a bit down in the mouth this morning and listened carefully to Valeri's words and Fulvia's- thank you so much for taking the time, I appreciate it and check out both of your work regularly and enjoy it! So... what did I do- well I made myself work but also thought about what i was trying to achieve for an exhibition I am having next year.Everyone ,when they think of Australia always thinks of very clean lines and colour - but really it is quite quite different to that. I particularly like the work of Fred Williams and especially the work of the middle years- he seems to capture the Australian spareness and yet also the messiness of the ground. So that is what i did, photographed the ground- we try and keep it pretty clean where I live because of the fire danger but as you can see it is busy and slightly tortured and really messy!
So then I got back to the leaves I was working on yesterday - still not satisfied but at least something to ruminate about....

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ina klugt said...

Dear Dijanne,
Sometimes life is not nice and easy, sometimes it hurts and sometimes, while you are thinking too much, it all seems to be black and full of sorrow and pain.

You are a great textile artist and a very nice woman.

Please, please, look in the mirror and see yourselve. Find back the beauty of beeing you.