Thursday, December 08, 2005

Gum Leaves


I want to thank everyone who has taken the time and trouble to write such sweet and supportive messages. One of the reasons for posting about my disappointment was to show that it too, is part of my creative process. Each time such a rejection comes in the initial reaction is disppointment- dashed hope ( which on this ocassion was to study in a place which does have two wonderful textile museums and to have a three month buffer from the need to always be proactive, it was also a residency which had enough room to be able to take family- most other residencies only offer one bedroom flats or rooms with communal facilities ) - then comes the re-evaluation- of the work, of priorities, and then planning - if this residency and the motivation for doing it was important then how can there be other ways of doing what i wanted to do. So I have written to both museums involved- explained who I am and asking what possibilities there are in accessing their collections and on what basis. And then go from there.

Another aspect of the whole thing which has been illuminating is that whilst i live in relative isolation, so that I can't go and talk to someone about it, blogging has in a way offered much more support than say even groups.Even though people don't always comment ( and I am guilty of the same thing- I do a round of blogs most days) there is a much bigger sense of community than I had thought. And last but not least the internet enables you to scrutinise those that were selected- most artists seem to have a web presence of some sort or another so I am able to go and see what it is that they do and make comparisons, and wonder.

Ok so back to leaves- the three photos show various arrangements of the leaves. personally I like the second one with neat rows- but the family have voted for the one above- because that is how 'gumleaves' look. I have gone away from the bottom picture as it is too random, without focus and sufficient contrast even though the original inspiration was the messy forest floor. Comparing the three pics, I know my preference for #2 comes from the fact that I like neatness in my work ( you should see my house it is the anthitesis of neatness LOL) and also I like pattern- so # 2 appeals to the sense of pattern and order. I also likes the black strip as it creates and area of contrast that was needed- it also gives a kind of resting place for the eye which is a little calmer than the surrounding pattern and underlying chaos. Whereas the photo above reverts a bit to randomness. I haven't decided yet - I want to look at it some more. But in a sense #2 is more reflective of me - seeking order in chaos.Posted by Picasa


Debra said...

I think I vote with your family that the top photo has just a touch more energy than #2. I love the leaves and the background.. and really love the black strip.. but where you see "orderly" I see "static".

Dijanne Cevaal said...

that is what family said too... I think I have solved the problem though- I moved some of the leaves in the top pic so that more of the black was exposed and that makes me happier- somewhere for the eye to rest without being confused.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting back on track. I suspect my comment on fiberC about "art & fear" was particularly ill timed. Sorry about that.

Then I up and got the flu (darn kids...) Just now getting caught up reading blogs so didn't realize.

Love the leaves - I'm with you on #2.

I'm sure you'll find a way to get what you want - seems you always do!

annabel said...

Hi Dijanne, I've been away for a couple of days so have only just caught up with your blog. Sorry to hear about your bad days but delighted to know you're back to being cheerful and sanguine about it all. I went for a job interview yesterday to teach P and Q and the local college, and have just heard that I didn't get it, so I can sympathise with the feelings you mention. I console myself with the fact that at least I didn't dribble.

Felicity Grace said...

I'm glad that you can feel the sense of community. I didn't comment at the time, I wasn't sure how best to word it but I thought about it for a long time - perhaps artists in particular feel these things(like everything thing else around them) very intensely so your disappiontment was very understandable. It may yet turn into a blessing in disguise, life is like that!

Linda B. said...

And I appreciate the fact that you do record the downs as well as the ups, even though there isn't always the wherewithall to offer support.
To me, the immediacy of blogs means that they give you an insight into process which is definitely not a one way event!

Anonymous said...

This friend votes with the family...except that she would take the leaves off the black strip, and leave it completely still...possibly even make it slightly wider...

Just as well we don't make art by consensus, huh ?