Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chirstmas cards

I had set today aside to make some Christmas cards. I usually make my own cards, either with my gocco printing machine or some kind of collage. These ones I did on Lutradur and then foiled. I used my calligraphy brushes which gave the black stars a quite pleasing sort of shape. I am sure it is much more cost effective to buy the cards, but somehow each year I get the guilts and make them again.
I have seen lots of pictures of snow on other people's blogs- but I can tell you it is hot here today and windy which makes it quite unpleasant to be outside.The next week is wind down activities at the schools my kids go to and the week after school finishes- so then it will be murder trying to get work done.I still have to make some Christmas gifts as well- only a few. And I was thinking of making some jars of onion marmalade. When I did the residency at Chassy we were nvited to one of the friends of the families ,barn for dinner- and he made this absolutely delicious shallot ( not the spring onion variety) marmalade- it tasted great with roasts. He gave me a jar but because of customs I left it behind, but today i think I found a recipe that will do the trick! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne.

Just dropped by to say Hi. I noticed you had visited Mappi recently. Thank you for your kind words.

I see that you have been making x-mas cards. I've also gotten into the Christmas spirit some. I bought a scanner and with that came a program for making small graphics with text (and beveled edges, such as in blog buttons). So I've scanned my artwork and collages, and now I'm trying to master making the above mentioned stuff for homepages and blogs. It's a lot of fun.

It's very dark ang gloomy here,not a lot of snow, and not very cold.

Have a good "before_Christmas_time", or advent!


annabel said...

Hi, I really mean to make Christmas cards every year but never manage to get round to it, so I'm very impressed - you must work very hard to do all the things you do. (nb I've also read your latest post, and although I can't offer help/ideas for raising money for your trip to Egypt, if you are ever in a similar position in the UK, I'd gladly offer you some free accommodation - just email)