Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Adrift on a sea of wood
I took this photo of a black wattle seed pod last night trying to cool off from the summer heat- it reminds me of a little boat adrift on a sea of wood- it matched my feeling. A happy solstice to everyone.

Below is a photo of another version of the scarf idea I have been working with. It took me ages to remember the machine settings I used for making my lace and it was very hot but I needed to finish it as it is a Christmas present for my mother.I think I like th eones with the organic stitching better- but I had to stabilise those with a wash away vilene which worked well but also had the effect of washing the printing ink off the motifs. Can't work out why that happened as I have printed on silk before and been able to wash it without any hassles.

We are going up to my mothers later today- she lives about four hours away- must remember to take my hand stitching with me and home via Melbourne on Friday so that we can spend Christmas at home.I am also picking up some of Matilda's Own batting- they have agreed to sponsor me- which is great as it is my preferred batting!It is very stable to stitch on. I find lots of battings stretch when you stitch as heavily as i do.

And on an up note- I sold another two quilts, to the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection!I already have some quilts in that collection so they have work now which is quite representative of what I do. It will help with my daughters airfare!Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dijanne.
I looked at the fabrics you have dyed so beautifully, and went ooh...

I'm wishing you Season's Greetings and a Happy New year!