Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Fabrics

These are the fabrics I have dyed and now printed some as well. The yellow one is too yellow- it was supposed to be more orange fading into the yellow in the middle of the triangles but somehow all the red dye hovered over the black dye foldlines. Usually this does not happen. So it has been dyed more orange as I find the yellow distracting. The little tiling function in Picassa is very nifty for auditioning the fabrics. Also the black in the tie dye did not come out as dark as I wanted ( its the blasted new fabric I am working with of which I have another 100 metres- the dark colours seem to die on it) so now the challenge is how to pop out the tie dyes more and darken the background- I think black thread with fairly dense stitching will solve this problem. The printing I did with Indian woodblocks- these are so much fun!


smarcoux said...

Hi there Dijanne
Well some fabulous fabrics you have there ... I expectially like the orange with the black... looking like mokume I may need a piece of that! The yellow and black area fantastic as well.
Those are my two favourites .. but they are all fabulous .. need to get some motivation here to do some quilts and sewing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabrics, these colours look like fire to me. I recently saw some beautiful old batik stamps in a shopwindow in Utrecht, walked past it on my way to our weekly Stitch 'n' Bitch meeting. The shop is called Aba'i and their website is
I should try and make it there before closing time, buy some and do some fabric dyeing again. Wintertime in the Netherlands isn't much of an inspiration to me, although a two week Christmas break might change that.
I don't comment much, but enjoy reading your blog a lot.

Val said...

Lovely fabrics, beautiful colours and thank you for pointing out that this grid formation can be achieved in Picasa. I'm always learning something new reading blogs. Its wonderful!