Monday, June 27, 2022

Not Good Enough Australia Post

 Some of you who follow me on Facebook know this story but today I am so angry  that I just cannot keep quiet. I have written before how I have written another book on Tifaifai- and that in  rewriting a book I published in 2001 I actually  made all new work which incorporated all the things I have learned in teaching the tifaifai course since the beginning of the 2000's. I also created new work to be in tune with work I am currently making. To create the work and rewrite the book has taken a significant number of man hours- close on a years work as I created 12 new quilts for the book. I had a signed contract with Editions de Saxe which was supposed to have been completed last years but due to Covid restrictions and my heart attack we reached agreement to delay publication until this year. Due to ongoing covid impacts I have not travelled overseas  and had no plan to travel overseas, and so I decided to commit the quilts to International Express Pos with Australia Post for delivery to the photographer in Paris . I had inquired with another courier earlier in the day but got no reply so decided to opt for Australia Post  ( I also live in a regional small city so things you take for granted in cities are not always so easily available in the country).

The quilts then took more than 2 weeks to have attempted delivery in Paris ( they spent the whole weekend sitting in Morwell despite my having posted the parcel around lunch time in order to capture the express post out pickups) It cleared customs in France and delivery was attempted but the recipient was not at home. He was not left any notification and only became aware of attempted delivery when tracking notified me and I alerted the recipient. He then attended the french equivalent postal service and was told they could not find the parcel or that he had the wrong number. In any case the parcel was likely not there as it had been returned to Australia after only 5 days of being held and not the usual 10 business days. The parcel was then in transit for some 2-3 weeks . I was advised by tracking that it was in Sunshine sorting centre on 25 May after having cleared customs and the next day it is in Somerton Sorting Centre awaiting delivery- that was on the 26th of May and that was my last tracking notification. After several weeks of complaining on their social media as well as using all the avenues for complaint  and repeating myself over and over despite having furnished the information multiple times with the appropriate channels ( internet/email/telephone) and finally lodging a complaint with the Postal Services Ombudsman ( who have a backlog)  and after again  complaining on their social media today when they are chortling about how supportive they are of small business , I was notified that they cannot locate the parcel and that they are willing to compensate me $111.80 which is the reimbursement of postage- and basically the parcel is lost. They have been told  the importance  and value of the parcel ,the fact that a small value was put on the parcel due to the work not being for sale and that the works were to be returned to me, that I am in default of a publishing contract and this is what they offer me?????

These are some of the works that are missing

A years worth of work- so much work. It's what kept me going during isolation, knowing I had to make the work.

To say I am heart broken is an understatement and I consider Australia Post's offer to reimburse the postage to be an insult. It is appalling service.


Deb said...

I'm so sorry. That is heartbreaking, and such an insult.

Dentellebleue said...

Chère Dijanne,
comme je comprends et partage ta colère... les services postaux sont de plus en plus onéreux et de moins en moins compétents (en Australie, comme ailleurs)

Te connaissant, je sais l'immense travail que cela représente à une époque de ta vie, où tu as connus les mêmes contraintes que tout le monde ++++ une crise cardiaque, que toi seule à subi;

Les éditions de Saxe ne sont pas chouettes non plus, car elles se font beaucoup d'argent sur tes publications, elles auraient pu attendre encore quelques semaines;

Quel recours y a t il encore? seulement les yeux pour pleurer? nous vivons une époque formidable, décidément!

je t'embrasse

mycamerandme365 said...

Hi Dijanne,
I undertook to complete a City & Guilds course in creative embroidery some years ago with a tutor based in the UK. A friend also started the course at the same time and we both posted off the first 6 months of work at the same time. I couldn't afford to register my parcel but she registered hers. Mine arrived safely, but hers was never seen again. As with you, she was offered reimbursement for the postal cost of the parcel but that's all. She never did another stitch for the course again understandably! I finished the 4 years of the course, posting off work constantly and never had a problem during all those years, lucky me! I can't imagine how you must be feeling, truly awful I'm sure.

Marg Scott said...

Dijanne this is a dreadful outcome. Your beautiful work! You must be devastated. So many of us will be thinking of you. Fond regards. Marg Scott

Chyfey said...

Ohhh no I’m so sorry 😢,I’m lost for words ,it’s so wrong.

Penelope said...

I am hugely moved by your plight. I have followed your blog for years. You inspire me. You are my idea of a very decent human being. This is a truly dreadful experience for you. I wish I could make it better.