Monday, April 04, 2022

April Already

 The last two months have simply flown by busy with open exhibitions at ArcYinnar and  teaching at Grampians Textures in March. What a delight to be amongst like minded textile enthusiasts again and even better to actually be working again and earning some money.  We did a lot of transfer printing and linocut printing at Textures and participants developed a set of stamps to use for coordinating in the future. The beauty of linocut printing is that it is easily done at home and does not need a large space in order to print fabric. I also met some people whom I have known for some time via the internet - it is so lovely to be able to put a face to the communications

I have also been busy processing some of the food I have grown, making lots of pasatta, dilly beans and eggplant pickle, but on the whole it was a less than stellar year in the vegetable garden, and the continuing battle with grass and slugs/snails nearly drove me mad. Much as I hate to admit it the no dig method of gardening has encouraged rampant grass spreading so I am going to have to resort to something stronger than cardboard to deal with the grass so there will be quite some remaking of beds in the very near future.

Then out of the blue I was commissioned to make two pieces for a home in Perth and so it has seen me create a forest scene with some different elements and that also included using linocut to add to the scene.

I am still stitching on the pieces though the end is in sight and I am rather enjoying the way the little fungi are looking once they are stitched.