Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Re-Invention Part II

 I am still working on reinventing things- it takes time to weigh up the pros and cons of many elements. I am trying to nut out one or two big goals in a more precise but in a step by step manner

I have in the flesh teaching coming up in Mildura at Lesley Mays Patchwork & Craft which will be Creating your own Linocuts & Printing and Stitching on the 1st & 2nd of May.

I will also be teaching  Creating Linocuts and Printing on Fabric at Amitie Textiles in Torquay on 8 May.

Also there is still the possibility to join my on-line Linocut Creation and Printing on fabric class which starts 4 April. This class takes you through many exercises to  build your linocutting skills and also to print on fabric. You work at your own pace and develop skills in areas that interest you. The pdf notes are also extensive. You will find details here just scroll down the page. Below are some examples of some of the possibilities of linocut printing on fabric.

Last weekend I taught at the Slow Stitch Gathgering at Ulladulla- the first time I have taught in the flesh for over a year. Initially it felt strange to be in a room full of other people , but I quickly adjusted- and what a delight it was to be in a wonderful creative space with 5 different tutors without the whirrr of machines. It was lovely to see so easily what everyone else was creating. It was all very gentle and calming and we were well cared for by Marilyn's Patchwork Corner- which has a great selection of hand stitching threads if you find yourself in that part of the world.

It was a long drive back as I did it all in one go, I am simply not used to such a long drive anymore after a year of driving very little except to gop back and forth to my mothers. I broke the drive up there into two as I did not want to arrive too tired so I stayed at Eden right on the beachfront which was delightful and ever so enjoyable. I find a super big urchin ( which whilst dead is still decomposing) and the banksias grew right up to the beach.

Babbling Banksia's meeting the sea at Eden. There had just been a wild storm and there was loads of kelp on the beach-  almost like a whole forest. After watching My Ocotpus Teacher I have a whole new respect for kelp- whole forests of it exist on the East coast of Australia all the way down past Tasmania but as the ocean currents are warming they are depleting- with it's concomitant effect on other creatures and our climate. Tread gently upon the earth for we are part of it not in control of it.

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meghs said...

I hear you, Dijanne, following a similar process at the moment but still not sure where it's going to end up yet.