Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bush Sentinelle

I posted  this new sentinelle on Instagram and Facebook but I thought I would also blog about her.
In 2012 I started a series of work entitled Sentinelles. The series depicted my concern for the environment and was a reminder to myself to be proactive and to do what I could. I chose the humanid form with an halo because it occurs in many cultures. I made a little catalogue to go with the series explaining each piece and in all I made ten life size sentinelles ( they were  supposed to be the same height as me, though there was some minor variation between each one). I also made a sentinelle linocut because people asked me if I had any small ones, that they themselves could work on. I was gobsmacked by the response and the beauty and thought people embroidered onto the  printed panel. It ended up becoming a touring exhibition with 142 pieces which travelled in Europe and Australia. I still have some of the large pieces ( one hangs in my bedrooom- Tracks Across the Land) and I still get asked if I have any more small sentinelle panels to sell.  I don't as the lino has become too fragile to print with and I want to keep it for the archive of the series of work.

I thought the series was done and dusted- I don't exhibit the large ones any longer but I woke up a few mornings ago with a sentinelle demanding to be drawn.

And so this sentinelle encapsulates all the concern for the people, the wildlife and the land that has been so damaged by the recent bushfires ( which are still burning but at present not out of control) She looks straight out into the world as all the sentinelles did, as a challenge to each one of us, because we have to find a way forward out of this nightmare because the political system is incapable of doing so. There are good guides and custodians out there and science that tells us this is not normal and there are things that can be done. We have to love our land beyond everything because without that love there is nothing, no  bush, no wildlife and no people, and lets face it big business is not in it to help in this matter- they are just corporations for the profit of their shareholders and the owners. The koala is the face of the wildlife that was devastated by the bushfires ( there were many in different states), the gum leaves and flowers the bush, the banksia the babbling of many. 
I then transferred the drawing onto  the lino- she changed a little and things also changed a little as I carved the lino.

She is challenging us to work together because we have to get it right and we have to do way better than what has gone before. She measures 18 cm x 45 cm . Her price is $25 AUS inclusive of postage.( $5 of every sale will be donated- see below)

I will donate $5 AUS for every panel sold to  Wildlife Victoria. I have done a bit of research and found that Wires in NSW have received  more donations than Wild Life Vic because a number of celebrities were  organising funding drives. It is great what they achieved, but I suspect  almost as many  animals are and were affected in Victoria. I  also know that many people, including myself ,have donated to recognised organisations like the Red Cross, and Vinnies. But for me this sentinelle is about our land and our country and its wildlife which is unique and precious and also needs our help.

I have printed the sentinelle on a number of different colours, if you see a colour you like let me know. I will add a Paypal button but if you are in Australia it is easier to pay by internet banking and it is better to email me . I will be dying more fabric to print more panels in the  next week- just have to wait for the air to clear a bit as, air quality outside is not good because of the smoke from the fires on the border.

The beige coloured one in the first photo is actually a trial print on craft paper. I will try and dye a colour similar to it as a few people asked me about it.


Jo said...

Hi Dijanne, I have paid via Paypal and would like the pale green second from right on bottom row please. Jo

Chyfey said...

She is BEAUtiful and I love the thoughts behind her.
Im after 2 of these, the second from the left on the top row and also the bottom row.
I prefer to pay via pay pal so do you want me to do it twice or can you send me an account

Cheers Faye

Margaret said...

Hi Dijanne...she is beautiful and like others I am looking for a neutral colour like the paper print. I was wondering how it would print on an old linen napkin....i have quite a few, I love stitching on old linen and cotton.

regards Margaret

Sylvia Orlando said...

Hi Dijanne, just made an order to add to my other two, can I please have either green or orange, no blue!! Great idea and I hope you get loads of orders ...you should~!! Sylvia Orlando

Liz Smith said...

Hi Dijanne
I have paid for 1 Bush Sentinal
They are all fabulous and I am having difficulty choosing.
If I can have one printed on an undied background that would be perfect. If that isn't available then something similar to any of the three on the right hand side.

The payment has gone through in the name Elizabeth Smith

Liz Smith

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